Built around our patented Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology, Olink’s flexible proteomics offering covers a broad a range of study sizes and multiplexing levels. Run projects yourself or send your samples for expert analysis.

Our PEA technology is a game-changer for proteomics.

Olink offers high-quality protein biomarker discovery based on a flexible and scalable technology platform. We have taken proteomics to the next level by enabling high-throughput, large scale analysis of thousands of proteins simultaneously, while using less than a drop of blood and maintaining exceptional levels of specificity, sensitivity and dynamic range.

Bring the power of Olink into your own lab

With the right instrument set-up and training, you can run Olink kits in-house and add our game-changing proteomics platform to your technology suite, or partner with us as a trained service provider to help make our technology available to researchers throughout the world.

Olink has developed a very innovative technology to be able to measure large numbers of proteins. That’s a significant breakthrough for investigators to break into a field of diseases that you could not explore without this technology
Professor C.Thomas Caskey
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX

Assay validation

Olink places quality and transparency at the heart of everything that we do. All assays are subject to rigorous validation and quality control and this data is freely shared with our customers. Make the right decisions in your research based on data you can trust.

Olink white papers

Our white paper collection provides key insights on how to get the best out of your Olink studies, as well as more information on our technology, study design, and data analysis.

Olink innovation story

Olink Proteomics was forged from a history of proteomics innovation and development that took place here in Uppsala. Read on to find out how this innovation influenced the creation of PEA and how Olink continues to honor this spirit today.

The promise of proteomics

Together with our customers, Olink is accelerating proteomics to better understand human biology and develop future healthcare. We are on a journey to explore the low-abundance plasma proteome to uncover actionable insights that can drive the development of precision medicine.

Our community

Olink is much more than a provider of world-class products and services. The “Olink community” isn’t just a phrase, as witnessed by the important collaborative projects we have facilitated and a growing number of customer consortia, committed to the sharing of Olink data to accelerate progress in key disease areas.