Olink® NPX Signature software

Perform quality control, statistical analysis and generate result reports within one tool.

The user friendly and easy interface of the Olink® NPX Signature software, together with the instrument Olink® Signature Q100, let you run samples and analyse data efficiently. With the seamless integration between qPCR readout of Olink panels and data analysis, you can decrease your research time and increase the data quality. Olink NPX Signature is now our preferred software for analyzing Olink® Target and Focus panels.


Key features & benefits

  • Supports three between-plate normalization methods
  • Includes quality control and statistical analysis tools
  • Provides Analysis Report with quality control parameters
  • A Windows 10 or later desktop application
  • Easy to download, install and update
  • Built-in learning and guides

What is Olink NPX Signature?

Olink NPX Signature is a data analysis software that is designed for the Olink® Target analysis platform, including Olink Target 48, Olink Target 96, as well as for Olink® Focus panels. It is a standalone Windows software application that lets you import data from the Olink Signature Q100 instrument, process the data (e.g. analyse the data quality, normalize data, and perform statistical analysis) and generate result reports. The data is not required to be annotated or processed before importing it into the Olink NPX Signature software. This software is also compatible with the Biomark™ HD instrument and Olink® NPX Manager software files.

How does it work?

Input data for Olink NPX Signature are run files from Signature Q100, Ct values exported from the Fluidigm Real-Time PCR Analysis software, NPX Manager .oaf project files and NPX Signature .npx study files. After quality control and normalization against the Extension Control, the Inter-Plate Control (IPC) and a correction factor, the output data are obtained in Normalized Protein eXpression (NPX) values. NPX is an arbitrary unit on a log2 scale, where a high NPX value corresponds to high protein concentration.

Signature process

All updates to the software are available to Olink customers at our Olink Partner login section of the web site and the updates are quickly installed to your computer. You retain all existing user settings and custom data prior to the update.

To further support your data management, Olink NPX Signature contains browsable, integrated tutorials and in-line help. For additional information, please see the User Manual or contact our customer support.


Get Olink NPX Signature

Olink NPX Signature software is intended for research use only. For questions, guidance, and support, please contact Olink Customer Support. Olink NPX Signature is intended to be used by trained users of Olink Target analysis platform.

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Olink® Signature Q100

Olink® Signature Q100 is a benchtop instrument for readout of Olink® Target 96/48 and Olink® Focus protein biomarker panels. Olink Signature Q100 is a dedicated solution for qPCR readout of Olink panels that will enable you to run Olink kits more easily and conveniently in your own lab.

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