A protein biomarker risk score to predict overall 5-year survival in ovarian cancer


A study from Uppsala University details the large-scale clinical validation of a previously described 11-protein diagnostic protein profile for ovarian cancer. Validation analysis was performed by measuring over 1100 clinical samples from two independent cohorts using a custom Olink® panel.


This validation study confirmed the performance of the multi-protein model they had identified previously, which in this study showed a sensitivity of 0.83/0.91 and specificity of 0.88/0.92 in the two independent cohorts used. Data-driven modeling of the risk score patterns during a two-year follow-up after diagnosis identified four separate risk score trajectories linked to clinical development and survival. Analysis of 5-year survival showed that at time of diagnosis the risk score is the second-strongest predictive variable for survival after tumor stage.



Enroth S, Ivansson E, Hedlund Lindberg J, et al. Data-driven analysis of a validated risk score for ovarian cancer identifies clinically distinct patterns during follow-up and treatment. (2022) Communications Medicine, DOI: 10.1038/s43856-022-00193-6

We have shown that the performance of the risk score model is robust across cohorts. Also, the risk score pattern after diagnosis follows the common clinical responses during treatment and relapse/progression and may be useful in monitoring clinical developments during follow-up.

Enroth et al. 2022

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