CellCarta expands its biomarker capabilities for clinical trials by adding Olink technology to its global services

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Press release: UPPSALA, Sweden, Aug. 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CellCarta and Olink Proteomics AB announced today a strategic collaboration to offer Olink® Target 96 & Target 48 to pharmaceutical and biotech customers, advancing targeted protein biomarker quantification in clinical studies.

CellCarta is a global leader in precision medicine and with more than 20 years of experience in mass spectrometry the company continues to invest in the field of proteomic biomarkers to better understand diseases and support therapeutic development projects. With the acquisition of the first Olink® Signature Q100 instruments and the collaborative support of Olink, CellCarta becomes the first global clinical CRO to offer the technology. “Complementing our mass spectrometry platforms with the Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology from Olink will allow us to support our clients with comprehensive proteomic services for their clinical studies. As the translational medicine community is turning to multi-omic analysis to address challenging questions in therapeutic development, we see Olink coupling with our other platforms (immune monitoring, histopathology, genomics) to create additional value for our clients.” said Nick Wright, President and Global COO of CellCarta.

The Olink platform offers an unmatched high-multiplex technique to quantify protein biomarkers using minimal clinical sample volume, with exceptional sensitivity and specificity, while covering a broad dynamic range. Differing from other multiplex protein detection platforms, Olink’s PEA technology provides high specificity by avoiding cross-reactivity binding or interference at signal readout with its dual recognition approach with matched pairs of antibodies labeled with complementary DNA oligos.
Olink fills the need for a robust technology that elevates clinical proteomics and is a must in a field driven by low abundant biomarkers, such as immuno-oncology.

Through this collaboration, CellCarta will bring the Q100 platform into its CAP/CLIA laboratories to address the need for proteomic biomarkers for clinical trials and support multi-omics analysis with its CellEngineTM software. CellCarta’s global footprint, with sites in the US, Canada, Belgium, Australia, and China, will allow for rapid deployment of the platform and support clients in their global clinical programs.

“We are excited to enter this strategic collaboration with CellCarta to broaden the access to our protein biomarker solutions. CellCarta is well positioned in the pharma services market as a leading specialty CRO and is a logical choice for this collaboration to elevate the analysis of proteomic biomarkers in clinical trials specimens. Enabling proteomic analysis along with other key technologies in clinical biomarker programs will increase their value and achieve insights which only true multi-omic analyses can provide”, said Jon Heimer, CEO of Olink Proteomics.

For more information, please contact Chief Commercial Officer Carl Raimond at carl.raimond@olink.com and Guylaine Galipeau, Global Marketing Director CellCarta at ggalipeau@caprion.com

About Olink

Olink Holding AB (publ) (Nasdaq: OLK) is a company dedicated to accelerating proteomics together with the scientific community, across multiple disease areas to enable new discoveries and improve the lives of patients. Olink provides a platform of products and services which are deployed across major biopharmaceutical companies and leading clinical and academic institutions to deepen the understanding of real-time human biology and drive 21st century healthcare through actionable and impactful science. The company was founded in 2016 and is well established across Europe, North America and Asia. Olink is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden. For more information, please visit www.olink.com.

About CellCarta

CellCarta is a leading provider of specialized precision medicine laboratory services to the biopharmaceutical industry. Leveraging its integrated analytical platforms in immunology, histopathology, proteomics and genomics, as well as related specimen collection and logistics services, CellCarta supports the entire drug development cycle, from discovery to late-stage clinical trials. The company operates globally with 10 facilities located in Canada, USA, Belgium, Australia, and China. For more information: www.cellcarta.com