Focus and simplification: “Olink” replaces “Proseek” as our trademarked brand

Since April 2016, Olink Proteomics has been completely focused on developing and supporting its platform of panels for high-multiplexed protein biomarker discovery, marketed under the trademarked name, “Proseek® Multiplex”.

Listening to our customers, it is now clear that “Olink” has become mostly synonymous with our biomarker panels, and consequently, Olink Proteomics will now drop the “Proseek” name and market all products under the Olink brand.

Practically, this means that names of the 12 currently available 92-plex biomarker panels will change. The old and new panel names are stated below:

“Proseek® Multiplex Cardiometabolic” will now be Olink® CARDIOMETABOLIC

“Proseek® Multiplex Cell Regulation” will now be Olink® CELL REGULATION

“Proseek® Multiplex CVD II 96X96” will now be Olink® CARDIOVASCULAR II

“Proseek® Multiplex CVD III 96X96” will now be Olink® CARDIOVASCULAR III

“Proseek® Multiplex Development” will now be Olink® DEVELOPMENT

“Proseek® Multiplex Immune Response” will now be Olink® IMMUNE RESPONSE

“Proseek® Multiplex Immuno-Onc I 96X96” will now be Olink® IMMUNO-ONCOLOGY

“Proseek® Multiplex Inflammation I 96X96” will now be Olink® INFLAMMATION

“Proseek® Multiplex Metabolism” will now be Olink® METABOLISM

“Proseek® Multiplex Neurology I 96X96” will now be Olink® NEUROLOGY

“Proseek® Multiplex Oncology II 96X96” will now be Olink® ONCOLOGY II

“Proseek® Multiplex Organ Damage” will now be Olink® ORGAN DAMAGE

Please note: this is a change in product name only, and the analyte composition, validation and performance of the panels will remain exactly as before.

We will successively replace all our marketing and product-related materials with the new names and logo on an on-going basis over the course of this year. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

We are also delighted to share our new company logo with you: