MGH/Olink collaboration to investigate the plasma proteomic signatures of COVID-19 positive patients

Olink Explore 1536 accelerates COVID-19 research and the identification of new biomarkers

Olink is immensely proud of our contribution to one of the largest longitudinal COVID-19 studies to date, together with the prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

In close collaboration with the team at MGH, we can now make this data freely available to all scientists who have a legitimate interest in COVID-19 research.

This was one of the first major protein biomarker studies run on the new Olink® Explore 1536 platform, enabling over 1400 proteins to be rapidly analyzed in a cohort of around 400 COVID-19 patients and control subjects.

With over 1.3 million protein data points generated with Olink Explore, along with associated clinical parameters, this invaluable dataset will enable the wider scientific community to augment others’ findings and to accelerate discovery that may lead to new therapies and a better understanding of the underpinnings of COVID-19.

To read more about this landmark collaboration and access the data, please visit our info page: