Olink Explore available as kits

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After a highly successful introduction via fee-for-service at our Olink Analysis Service labs in Uppsala and Boston, we are pleased to announce that our Olink Explore platform is now available as kits that can be run in suitably equipped and trained external labs. The platform enables high-throughput proteomics with PEA technology coupled to readout on the Illumina® NovaSeq NGS system. It is now available as four 384-plex panels, each of which includes assays for both established and exploratory protein biomarkers focused on a specific key disease area.

This offers flexibility for customers, who can choose to screen the entire Explore library (currently ~1500 highly validated protein assays), or to select one or more of the 384-plex panels that make up the complete library. For more details on the panel kits, please use the links below.

If you are interested in setting up Olink Explore in your core lab or other facility, please CONTACT US. For general questions around Olink Explore, please use the link below: