Olink CEO one of three when Olink receives Uppsala University award

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Ulf Landegren, Björn Ekström and Jon Heimer (Olink CEO) were awarded the 2022 Uppsala University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Prize for their outstanding entrepreneurial achievements, which have combined to transform world-leading research at Uppsala University into the successful biotech company Olink Proteomics.

“The story of Olink serves as a striking illustration of the importance of being able to deploy different skills and experiences in different phases of the development of a company to generate great benefit to customers and society worldwide”, says the award committee.

The Uppsala University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award recognizes individuals who have made a crucial contribution to the successful commercialization or implementation of a discovery or innovation based on research or education at Uppsala University, with considerable benefit to society.

“It feels tremendously inspiring that people see and appreciate what we have done. I’m also pleased that Uppsala University doesn’t just emphasize academic achievements but also recognizes the ability of research to generate companies that tackle important issues,” says Jon Heimer. He continues, “We’ve cracked a problem that people have been trying to solve for decades. Ulf Landegren’s fantastic basic discovery established a technical strategy that we then further developed. In Olink we have succeeded in commercializing the ground-breaking technical innovation in products that solve genuine issues and applications that benefit large groups of customers.”