SciLifeLab Uppsala now offering the Olink Explore platform

After the recent launch of the Olink® Explore 1536 platform as kits, one of our long-standing core facility partners has enthusiastically completed their training to become the first external Olink Explore core lab in Europe. 

Uppsala SciLifeLab proteomics and NGS teams join forces to provide large-scale protein biomarker analysis to researchers.

The best of two worlds: Proteomics and Genomics come together in Olink Explore 1536

Since 2012, the Clinical Biomarkers Facility (CBF) has served as an Olink core lab for all Olink Target and Focus products. However, due to a growing demand amongst their customers for more large-scale protein biomarker analysis, the CBF have recently changed their name to Affinity Proteomics Uppsala (APU) and have partnered with the SciLifeLab National Genomics Infrastructure to become Europe’s first Olink Explore core lab.




Video interview

In this testimonial, Mikael Åberg, Head of Affinity Proteomics Uppsala and Jessica Nordlund, Facility Director of NGI Uppsala, discuss what drove them to form this powerful and mutually beneficial partnership.

Press release

You can read the full Olink press release related to this story on our Investors’ site – HERE