Three new exploratory panels available

A flexible, proteomics-scale tool for targeted protein biomarker discovery: Complementing and expanding on our previous portfolio of disease-focused panels, this powerful new addition to our precision proteomics toolbox offers many new assays and the chance to cast a broader net in the quest to identify new biomarkers and relevant protein signatures. Building on our targeted discovery approach, the emphasis with these new panels is shifted still further towards exploring the complexity of the human proteome. Panel design is focused around important biological processes with wide-ranging clinical relevance, making this series a powerful complement to our existing portfolio for studies across a wide range of scientific questions and clinical areas. 

Launched November 29, 2016, these three panels, for Immune Response, Metabolism and Organ Damage, now expand our total offering to 713 different high-quality protein biomarker assays, in nine 92-plex panels.

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