HUPO 2023 World Congress

Busan, South Korea | September 17 – 21, 2023

Join Olink at HUPO 2023

Olink technology, an industry-leading solution for protein biomarker research, is utilized by top academic institutions and pharma companies worldwide.

Notably, the UK Biobank Pharma Proteomics Project, one of the largest health studies of blood protein biomarkers, leveraged Olink® Explore for comprehensive proteomic analysis of 50,000+ participants. It has already uncovered 10,000+ protein-genetic associations and revealed predictive cancer biomarkers over a decade before diagnosis, with more insights into disease to come.

At HUPO 2023 World Congress, you can discover how this next-generation proteomic solution can accelerate your research at Booth 406 or an Olink-hosted pre-congress session or lunch seminar.

Learn more about the events below.

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Pre-Congress Session

Implementing Proteomics for Clinical Translation

Sunday, September 17, 13:15 – 15:15

Translating pre-clinical proteomics research to practical patient care has been hindered by an over-reliance on single-protein assays, as well as the technical challenges of using the same tools from biomarker discovery to routine clinical translation (i.e., laboratory-developed tests). This series of talks delves into the barriers and opportunities throughout the bench-to-bedside journey, including the requirements and various approaches for implementing clinical proteomics.

Dr. Stefan Enroth
Associate Professor, Dept. of Immunology, Genetics & Pathology
Uppsala University

“From pre-clinical research to clinical settings: Development of a biomarker panel for Ovarian Cancer”

Dr. Ferhan Qureshi
Vice President Biomarker Product Development
Octave Bioscience

“Bridging Proteomics to the Clinic – A Multivariate Blood Test for Disease Activity in Multiple Sclerosis”

Lunch Seminar 1

Complementing Mass Spectrometry with Immunoaffinity Techniques

Monday, September 18, 13:15 – 14:15

The combination of mass spectrometry and immunoaffinity techniques is enabling a deeper exploration of the proteome, capitalizing on their complementary breadth and depth. This synergy is especially evident when profiling proteins in plasma and serum. In this seminar, Dr. Hauck and Dr. Schmidt will explore how using Olink technology and mass spectrometry can accelerate discoveries for protein biomarker discovery and characterization.

Dr. Stefanie Hauck
Head of Metabolomics and Proteomics Core
Helmholtz Zentrum München – Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Gesundheit und Umwelt (GmbH)

“Going deep – complementing mass spectrometry-based methods with affinity probing to enrich plasma proteome coverage”

Dr. Frank Schmidt
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar

“Multiplex Techniques in Clinical Proteomics: A Complementary Tool for Biomarker Discovery”

Lunch Seminar 2

A New Era in Proteomics

Tuesday, September 19, 13:15 – 14:15

In this seminar, Olink Proteomics will introduce Olink® Explore HT, the next-generation solution for high-throughput protein biomarker discovery that measures 5300+ proteins with industry-leading specificity.

Dr. Andrea Ballagi
MD, MBA, VP Sales and Marketing APAC
Olink Proteomics AB

“Olink® Explore HT – a new era in proteomics”

Dr. Jenny Samskog
VP product management
Olink Proteomics AB

“Olink® Explore HT – proven technology, validated by scientists”

Dr. Per Eriksson
Manager Data Science Customer Applications
Olink Proteomics AB

“Translating millions of datapoints to actionable insights”

Olink® Explore HT

Capture true biological insights with proven specificity. At any scale. Perform high-throughput biomarker discovery with ease to gain an understanding of disease at the protein level.

Target Validation with Olink® Signature Q100

Run Olink® Target, Olink®Flex and Olink®Focus panels on Olink Signature Q100. A compact, benchtop system with a small footprint that combines protein detection to data output in a seamless, streamlined workflow.

Accelerate your approach to proteomics with Olink® Insight

An open-access online portal that helps you understand and interpret proteomics data for faster insights – includes Visual Pathway Browser and Disease Atlas, Olink Flex Panel builder and panel selection guide, as well as Publication Explorer and Automatic Annotations.

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