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Olink Olink Signature Q100
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Protein signatures captured with confidence and ease

OlinkOlink® Signature Q100

Meet our state-of-the-art benchtop solution for multiplex protein measurements.

Exceptional analysis,
easily achieved

Designed for ease of use and minimal investment, the Olink Signature Q100 broadens the reach of advanced multiplexing to more researchers, facilitating impactful discoveries.

One benchtop instrument for all your research needs

Tailor your research with Olink Target, Flex, and Focus panels, supporting broad and targeted studies within one beautifully compact system.

Tailor everything to your research question

Our modular platform, amplified for sensitive, highly specific detection, allows you to seamlessly utilize our PEA technology to get biological insights.

Olink Target 96

Target specific disease areas or key biological processes with multiplex immunoassay panels.


1,100+ On 15 targeted panels


1 µL Plasma, serum & more

Olink Target 48

Extensively validated and carefully selected biomarkers for a comprehensive view of cytokine signaling and inflammatory processes.


89 On 2 panels


1 µL Plasma, serum & more

Olink Flex

Run individually tailored studies by combining up to 21 biomarkers from our extensive library with minimal sample volume.


~200 Pre-validated assays


1 µL Plasma, serum & more

Olink Focus

Custom designed panels that transition you from biomarker discovery to clinical utility of protein signatures.


Up to 21 Pre-validated assays


1 µL Plasma, serum & more

Streamlined workflow

Focus your time and effort on your research, instead of washing steps or hands-on instrument handling. Perform data processing and analysis within the NPX Signature software.

Bind Target Proteins

Antibodies with DNA tags bind to proteins, forming specific recognition pairs for precise detection.

Amplify Signal

DNA polymerase extends the DNA tags, creating unique barcodes that are amplified for clarity.

Prepare Biochip

Load amplified DNA and reagents into a biochip, prepping for high-throughput analysis.


The Q100 reads the biochip, translating DNA amount to protein concentration in pg/mL or NPX.

Data Analysis

Get data QC with NPX Signature and a comprehensive data analysis with Olink Insight.


Below you will find all our technical user documentation, including manuals, short instructions and guidelines.

Discover your protein signature
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Olink® Signature Q100 Technical Specifications
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