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Olink NPX Software

Turn raw data into actionable analysis

OlinkNPX™ software

Efficient data processing for insightful proteomics analysis – with tools and technology that empower your research.

Fast, reliable, and independent

Experience seamless and reliable data delivery with NPX normalization, robust quality controls, and complete control of your data at every workflow stage. Complemented by customized output files for easy integration.

Scalability and flexibility in data processing

Experience unmatched scalability and flexibility in data processing. Our custom software ensures consistent data across platforms, allowing you to operate and access your data anytime, anywhere – be it desktop, CLI, office, or lab. We provide advanced tools and features that simplify data understanding and empower you to make informed decisions about data re-runs.

NGS Readout

NPX Explore suite

Experience fast data pre-processing for Olink Explore HT and Olink Explore 384/3072 projects.  Choose if you want extensive data quality control analysis in an easy-to-use desktop application or CLI. With a fully automated workflow to optimize the data pipeline, our software makes your large-scale proteomics projects simple and efficient.​

qPCR Readout

NPX Signature

Easily QC data generated on Olink TargetOlink Flex, and Olink Focus panels. Our software guides you to make good decisions about your run quality by offering product-specific quality controls and assisting tools such as heatmaps and z-score. The CSV output files, including NPX and quantified data, enable your downstream analysis, paving the way for reliable and insightful discoveries.

Manuals & instructions

Visit the documents section to find all documents including SDS, user manuals, technical notes and more.

A flexible platform that accelerates your research

Olink’s scalable technology provides optimized solutions for every stage of the biomarker workflow, from high-throughput discovery through validation and clinical utility.

Olink Explore HT

Measure 5,400+ proteins with proven specificity to gain an understanding of disease at the protein level.


5,400+ With proven specificity


2 µL Plasma, serum & more

Olink Flex

Run individually tailored studies by combining up to 21 biomarkers from our extensive library with minimal sample volume.


~200 Pre-validated assays


1 µL Plasma, serum & more

Olink Target 96

Target specific disease areas or key biological processes with multiplex immunoassay panels.


1,100+ On 15 targeted panels


1 µL Plasma, serum & more

Olink Target 48

Extensively validated and carefully selected biomarkers for a comprehensive view of cytokine signaling and inflammatory processes.


89 On 2 panels


1 µL Plasma, serum & more