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Olink Olink Target 96
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Target specific disease areas or key biological processes

OlinkOlink® Target 96

Comprehensive multiplex immunoassay panels targeting major therapeutic areas

Targeted for success

Olink Target 96 panels are perfect for proof-of-concept or hypothesis-driven studies. They run on your Olink Signature Q100, or you can use one of our certified service providers.


  • Panels

    15 Covering biological processes and disease areas

  • Sample

    1 µL Plasma, serum & more

  • Readout

    NPX Relative units

  • Proteins (per panel)

    92 With proven specificity

  • Samples

    88 per kit

  • Runs on

    Signature Q100

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Carefully curated.
Thoughtfully designed.

Find the one panel that best matches your specific research needs, or combine freely. Whether they involve targeted pathway analysis or biomarker discovery, you can confidently count on over 1,100 proteins across all panels.

Cardiovascular panels

Thoroughly validated, high-performance protein biomarker panels for cardiovascular and cardiometabolic studies.

Proven performance for precious samples

Olink Target 96 unlocks deeper biological insights with just 1 µL of your precious sample. Proven performance through use in over 1,500 peer-reviewed publications, many of which highlight compatibility with a wide range of sample matrices.

Be inspired by the possibilities

The Olink platform was built in close collaboration with the scientific community, and the tools and services we prioritize are the ones our customers ask for. This close relationship drives proteomics forward.

Our work with Olink on plasma-based immuno-oncology (IO) applications has allowed the identification of tumor and immune changes associated with immune checkpoint inhibitor response/non-response. This is particularly exciting as we combine this technology with deep tumor-based analysis to understand tumor-immune interactions and establish predictive and/or monitoring tools for IO. The small volume required for Olink analysis is a game-changer as it allows multi-analyte assessment of samples and validation of findings by multiple orthogonal platforms.

Genevieve M. Boland, Director Melanoma Surgery Program, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

My interest in biomarkers grew in parallel to the growth of Olink. In 2014, when I first selected the Olink technology for an important EU-funded program I was coordinating, the company had only a handful of employees. Since then, Olink’s growth has been amazing. Yet, they still behave like partners, not simple providers. I have since recommended Olink to many international colleagues.

Prof. Faiez Zannad, Therapeutics and Cardiology at INSERM, Head of the Division of Heart Failure, Hypertension and Preventive Cardiology for the Department of Cardiovascular Disease of the Academic Hospital (CHU) in Nancy and the Director of the Clinical Investigation Centre (Inserm-CHU)

Having a comprehensive panel that can handle small volumes with high sensitivity is a game-changer for studying disease. We no longer need to focus on one or two cytokines at a time. We can look at a whole bunch of them and then extrapolate the entire immunological and clinical process.

Dr. Cuong Nguyen
, Associate Professor at Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunology at the University of Florida

Elevate your immunoassay experience

Beyond the Olink panel lies a wide range of free tools for study design, statistical analysis, data visualization, and quality control. There’s also continuous support from our data science experts and customer service teams. We’re proud to be active partners to thousands of researchers, from small lab teams to major institutions and consortia.

Insights from the field

Revealing deeper insights into all major disease areas. Learn how key opinion leaders are advancing their research with Olink Target 96.


Below you will find a few documents related to this product. For the complete documentation including SDS, user manuals, technical notes and more, visit the documents section.

Olink® Target 96: Targeted biomarker research
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Concordance and repeatability tests to evaluate lab performance technical note
Technical Notes
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NovaSeq™ 6000 SP vs S4 flow cell comparison technical note
Technical Notes
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Targeted biomarker analysis for human and mouse studies

Our Target series focuses on targeted protein panels with high specificity and sensitivity, enabling researchers to study selected proteins with precision in various sample types.

Olink Target 96

Target specific disease areas or key biological processes with multiplex immunoassay panels.


1,100+ On 15 targeted panels


1 µL Plasma, serum & more

Olink Target 48

Extensively validated and carefully selected biomarkers for a comprehensive view of cytokine signaling and inflammatory processes.


89 On 2 panels


1 µL Plasma, serum & more

Olink Target 48 Mouse

Translational insights from just 1 µL. Enabling in-depth disease modelling and longitudinal studies.


43 Validate


1 µL Plasma, serum & more