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Read how Olink’s next-generation proteomics technology enables scientists to better understand disease biology, improve stratification of patient populations, and drive improvements in the development of new and more effective therapeutics.

Empowering genomics with high-throughput proteomics

Stay at the forefront of this groundbreaking field by reading about the latest developments. See how leading scientists are already implementing high-throughput proteomics to shape the future of precision medicine.

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Breaking New Ground in Medical Research: Integration of UK Biobank Genomics and Olink Proteomics Data

Integrating genomics and proteomics is breaking new ground in medical research, offering transformative insights into disease prediction and precision medicine.

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See how protein biomarkers are furthering our understanding of disease biology and helping to guide future therapeutic development.

This monthly blog highlights some fascinating articles from a wealth of recent publications citing the use of Olink’s PEA technology.

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Multiplex Immunoassays for Biomarker Research

Multiplex immunoassays enable simultaneous detection of multiple biomarkers, enhancing precision medicine with increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Addressing challenges like cross-reactivity and variability ensures reliable data.

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UK Biobank Population-level Studies Using Olink’s PEA Technology Advance Disease Understanding and Therapy Development

Learn how the UK Biobank’s integration of large-scale proteomic data using PEA technology with genomic and clinical data advances disease understanding, and could inform development of new and better therapies.

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Practical Tips for Planning a Successful Multiplex Immunoassay Experiment

Plan your multiplex immunoassay successfully by defining your research question, selecting suitable controls, ensuring sufficient statistical power, achieving sample consistency, and appropriately randomizing samples for analysis.

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The Evolution of Multiplex Immunoassay Technologies

Discover how advancements in multiplex immunoassay technologies, such bead-based and electrochemiluminescence methods, have gradually transformed biomarker research, culminating in next-generation PEA technology, which is now opening up new possibilities for protein biomarker research.

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A stepwise guide to navigating multiplex immunoassay data analysis

Navigate multiplex immunoassay data analysis with a stepwise guide: data acquisition, quality control, statistical analysis, and biological interpretation to gain actionable insights and validate protein signatures.

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