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Olink Olink Explore 3072/384
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OlinkOlink® Explore 3072/384

A modular offering for hypothesis-driven high-multiplex biomarker discovery

High-multiplex discovery with uncompromised data quality

Complementing our flagship Olink Explore HT offering, the Olink Explore 3072 library consists of eight disease- and biological process-focused 384-plex panels. Providing a flexible and efficient solution for larger scale targeted investigations.


  • Proteins

    2,900+ On 8 modular panels

  • Sample

    1-6 µL Plasma, serum & more

  • Readout

    NPX Relative units

  • Samples

    352 per kit

  • Readout

    NGS Automated workflow

Tailored biomarker discovery

The assays available in these panels include biomarkers that contribute the most to key research questions and cover many key biological pathways and functions.

Cardiometabolic panels

These panels are focused on proteins pertinent to research into cardiovascular and metabolic disease biology and provide broad coverage of relevant pathways and processes. The panels include both well-established biomarkers in the cardiometabolic research field, as well more exploratory potential markers.

Please note that panels Olink Explore 384 Cardiometabolic, Olink Explore 384 Inflammation, Olink Explore 384 Neurology, and Olink Explore 384 Oncology were formerly available as our first high-throughput NGS readout platform, Olink Explore 1536. All 8 panels combined comprise the Olink Explore 3072 offering, which is still available.

For customers looking to run large-scale protein biomarker discovery with uncompromised quality at any project scale, however, we recommend our current flagship offering, Olink Explore HT.

Expertly curated for biological insights

Five main categories of proteins were defined during target selection, and each assay can be classified into one or more of these categories.

  • Low-abundant inflammation proteins
  • Proteins actively secreted into blood circulation
  • Approved and ongoing drug target proteins
  • Organ-specific proteins that have leaked into blood circulation
  • Proteins representing more exploratory potential biomarkers


Visit the documents section to fin all documents including SDS, user manuals, technical notes and more.

Unprecedented power

Olink Explore HT is our next-generation solution for high-throughput proteomics. You can run it in your own lab or access it via our worldwide network of service providers.