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Draw biological conclusions. Faster.

OlinkOlink® Insight

Journey from experiment planning and study design to post-run data analysis – in a single free online bioinformatic app.

Translate your research question into actions

Start off with a disease, a pathway, a biological process, or a list of proteins. Use our tools to design your study so that it has enough power. Get product recommendations or design your custom panel if needed. Olink Insight supports you in whatever direction your research takes you.

See what’s possible

Begin with your research focus—disease, pathway, or proteins. Our intuitive platform guides your study design and custom panel creation, simplifying your path to insights.

Make sense of your data

Olink Insight provides analytical and visualization tools, shared data sets such as Disease Atlas and Normal Ranges, and other curated data sources. Combined with shared expertise, this further provides users with a faster time to draw biological conclusions and understand disease.

Access exclusive data sets with a click

Draw biological conclusions from proteomic data by activating biomarker-specific information about the proteins in your lists. Disease associations, normal ranges, tissue specificity, drug targets, and biological pathways annotations are all available.

Tissue Specificity

Gain additional insights into the biology associated with your findings by examining the tissue of origin for your proteins of interest, using data from The Human Protein Atlas (HPA).

Normal Ranges

Explore the expected normal range variability for each protein using data from three cohorts across three continents, encompassing over 50,000 individuals.

Drug Targets

Explore current drug development targets for your proteins of interest with data from ChEMBL, a database of bioactive molecules.

Disease Risk Associations

View significantly associated diseases for proteins in Olink Explore 3072, based on longitudinal healthcare records and proteomics data from UK Biobank.

Biological pathways

Gain instant insights into biological mechanisms linked to your proteins using REACTOME, a curated, peer-reviewed pathway database.

Automatic Annotations

Bring your biomarker lists into Olink Insight. You can overlay annotation data like disease risk associations, tissue specificity, pathway information, biological processes, and drug target information, for in-depth insights on your proteins of interest. See a few examples here:

Empowering proteomics research

Olink Insight enhances proteomics research through collaboration, exclusive data sets, and advanced analysis tools, streamlining the discovery and understanding of proteins in human biology.