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Capture true biological insights with proven specificity. At any scale.

OlinkOlink® Explore HT

Perform high-throughput biomarker discovery with ease to understand disease at the protein level.

Unprecedented power

Olink Explore HT is the next-generation solution for high-throughput proteomics. Run in your own lab, access via our worldwide network of service providers, or at Olink Analysis Services.


  • Proteins

    5,400+ With proven specificity

  • Sample

    2 µL Plasma, serum & more

  • Specificity

    99.5% Negligible cross-reactivity

  • Throughput

    4x Increase over previous generation

  • Dynamic range

    fg-mg/mL 10 logs

  • Readout

    NGS Automated workflow

Developed for specificity, validated for quality

Our dual-recognition, DNA-coupled technology delivers industry-leading specificity, eliminating wrong targets, misinterpretation and wasted resources. Every assay undergoes a rigorous validation process, ensuring quality data you can trust.

Carefully curated to provide deeper biological insights

Our protein selection strategy focuses on functional, actionable, druggable, and circulating proteins. Drawn from protein annotations, publications, clinical trials, approved therapies, and researcher requests.

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Biomarker coverage

  • Intelligently selected

    5,400+ Validated protein assays

  • High coverage

    +85% More than previous generation

  • Full top-level coverage

    100% Of top-level pathways

Realize any project you can imagine

Olink Explore HT is designed for outstanding performance at any scale of protein biomarker discovery, from tens to millions of samples. This scalability is enabled by a streamlined, automated workflow and a comprehensive software suite, all optimized for high-throughput data acquisition.

Revealing the truth of human disease. Protein by protein.

Olink’s trusted proteomics solutions are helping to bridge the gap between genomics and human diseases. Population-scale studies are increasingly being used to provide comprehensive views of protein expression patterns across the diversity of human biology. Olink technology has been applied to one of the world’s largest proteomic health studies, revealing biomarkers that can predict cancer more than a decade before diagnosis.

Olink Explore enabled the pioneering UK Biobank Pharma Proteomics Project. This ongoing population-scale project, backed by a pharma consortium, applied the Olink Explore platform for proteomic analysis of over 54,000 participants. To date, over 20,000 genetic associations for ~3,000 proteins have been identified, with much more to come. The protein data is freely available in Olink Insight.

More data. Less effort.

Accelerate your biomarker discovery with a faster workflow and significant reagent reduction. With Olink Explore HT, we’ve reimagined our packaging, resulting in a 10-fold reduction in boxes and a 6-fold decrease in components. The new NPX Explore HT software suite simplifies data analysis, allowing you to derive actionable biological findings faster.


  • Data points

    7x more to reveal additional biological insights

  • Components

    6x fewer to save time and resources

Scalability and flexibility in data processing

Experience unmatched scalability and flexibility in data processing. Our custom software ensures consistent data across platforms, allowing you to operate and access your data anytime, anywhere – be it desktop, CLI, office, or lab. We provide advanced tools and features that simplify data understanding and empower you to make informed decisions about data re-runs.

Amplify discovery.
Advance genomics.

When you combine proteomic data with genomic datasets, your statistical significance skyrockets. Olink data is designed for maximum transparency and comparability – whether you’re investigating novel drug targets or digging deeper into existing sample collections to repurpose on-market therapies.


Below you will find a few documents related to this product. For the complete documentation including SDS, user manuals, technical notes and more, visit the documents section.

Advancing biomarker discovery in ovarian cancer with Olink® Explore HT
Case studies
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PEA: Exceptional specificity in a high multiplex format
White Paper
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A flexible platform that accelerates your research

Olink’s scalable technology provides optimized solutions for every stage of the biomarker workflow, from high-throughput discovery through validation and clinical utility.

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Olink Target 96

Target specific disease areas or key biological processes with multiplex immunoassay panels.


1,100+ On 15 targeted panels


1 µL Plasma, serum & more

Olink Target 48

Extensively validated and carefully selected biomarkers for a comprehensive view of cytokine signaling and inflammatory processes.


89 On 2 panels


1 µL Plasma, serum & more

Olink Flex

Run individually tailored studies by combining up to 21 biomarkers from our extensive library with minimal sample volume.


~200 Pre-validated assays


1 µL Plasma, serum & more

Olink Focus

Custom designed panels that transition you from biomarker discovery to clinical utility of protein signatures.


Up to 21 Pre-validated assays


1 µL Plasma, serum & more