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Translational insights from just 1 µL

OlinkOlink® Target 48 Mouse

Gain a comprehensive view of the murine immune system, enabling in-depth disease modelling, longitudinal studies and translational research.

Discover more with less

The validated Target 48 Mouse Cytokine panel delivers high-quality protein biomarker data to boost translational research across many therapeutic areas.


  • Proteins

    43 Validated

  • Sample

    1 µL Plasma, serum & more

  • Readout

    pg/mL or relative units

  • Species

    Mouse Reactivity

  • Samples

    40 per kit

  • Runs on

    Signature Q100

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Deeper biological insights

Explore key pathways with minimal sample consumption in your disease models for higher translational potential. Olink Target 48 Mouse Cytokine is a panel with a unique set of immune mediators that are highly relevant for studies in immuno-oncology, inflammation, and immune response.

Designing longitudinal mouse studies

Preserve precious samples and uncover deeper immunological insights in your mouse model. Measuring 43 biomarkers from just 1µL of sample is a breakthrough for murine studies. It allows repeated biomarker analysis from the same mouse, not only minimizing variability in longitudinal studies, but also promoting more ethical research with fewer animals required.

Be inspired by the possibilities

The Olink platform was built in close collaboration with the scientific community, and the tools and services we prioritize are the ones our customers ask for. This close relationship drives proteomics forward.

Having a comprehensive panel that can handle small volumes with high sensitivity is a game-changer for studying disease. We no longer need to focus on one or two cytokines at a time. We can look at a whole bunch of them and then extrapolate the entire immunological and clinical process.
Dr. Cuong Nguyen
, Associate Professor at Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunology at the University of Florida

Elevate your immunoassay experience

Beyond the Olink panel lies a wide range of free tools for study design, statistical analysis, data visualization, and quality control. There’s also continuous support from our data science experts and customer service teams. We’re proud to be active partners to thousands of researchers, from small lab teams to major institutions and consortia.


Below you will find a few documents related to this product. For the complete documentation including SDS, user manuals, technical notes and more, visit the documents section.

Olink Target 48 Mouse Cytokine comprehensive product brochure
Delving into the murine immune system with 1 µL of sample: A conversation on the expanding horizons in mouse model research
Customer interview
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Designing Non-Terminal Longitudinal Mouse StudiesDownload PDF
Validation data - Olink® Target 48 Mouse Cytokine
Validation Methods And Results
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Olink Target 48 Mouse

Translational insights from just 1 µL. Enabling in-depth disease modelling and longitudinal studies.


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1 µL Plasma, serum & more