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Olink Data Science Services

At Olink, our dedicated team of experts provides comprehensive statistical analysis and data visualization services to propel your biomarker research forward. By partnering with our specialists, you receive quality data that empowers your discovery process and streamlines decision-making.

Expert data analysis for everyone

No matter your field or project size, Olink’s data science services are designed to support your goals. Our expert team is ready to help you unlock the potential of your proteomic research.

Analytical solutions for all biological questions

With so many ways to analyze data, choosing the right model for your data can be difficult. By starting with your biological question of interest, you can more easily determine the key attributes of your statistical model.

Ask the right question

The right statistical model for you will depend on the study design. Our team of experts has compiled a series of questions to make it easier to find the right model for your study:

What is the question I am trying to answer?

Focusing on your biological question ensures that the analysis relates back to the question. E.g., what proteins are differentially expressed after drug therapy?

What is the sample size and assumed distribution?

e.g., parametric statistical tests require normal distributions so in the case of non-normal distributions or small sample sizes, non-parametric tests may be needed.

How many variables are there?

e.g., therapy combinations, dosing regimen

How many levels are there in each group?

e.g., 3 drug combinations, 2 dosing intervals

Is the data paired?

e.g., multiple samples for each subject

Are there any covariates to adjust for?

e.g., age, sex

What comparisons are important?

e.g., monotherapy vs combinational therapy, single dose vs multiple doses

What question are you trying to answer?

Contact us to connect with our experts and discover how Olink Data Sciences can support your scientific inquiries.

Visualize your data

Visualize protein expression differences and phenotype associations in your study. Quality control with PCA, analyze trends with plots and identify biological pathways through enrichment analysis.

Volcano plot

Visualize protein expression differences between your study groups

Determine trends in protein level changes across groups and visualize the results in point-range plots or boxplots.

Point-range plots and Boxplots

Compare protein level changes across your study groups

Determine trends in protein level changes across groups visualize the results in point-range plots or boxplots.

PCA plots

Generate QC snapshots

Generate PCA plots and visualize NPX distribution to identify potential outliers within your data.


Generate high-level overviews

Generate heatmaps with hierarchical clustering, which can help you identify high-level trends in your dataset, as well as subgroups of similar samples or proteins based on protein profiles.

Pathway enrichment

Unlock significant biological pathways

Perform pathway enrichment analysis and visualize the results, which can help you directly identify significant biological pathways from your data.

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Our platform was built in close collaboration with the scientific community, and the tools and services we prioritize are the ones our customers ask for. This close relationship drives proteomics forward—not just for you, but for everyone.