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Flexibility without compromise

OlinkOlink® Flex

Olink Flex enables targeted research studies by combining up to 21 biomarkers from our extensive library with minimal sample consumption.

Make it yours

Design your own Olink Flex panel. Mix and match from our extensive assay library while maintaining our industry-leading quality and precision. Run Olink Flex on your Olink Signature Q100, or send your samples to one of our certified service providers.


  • Proteins

    15-21 Per panel

  • Sample

    1 µL Plasma, serum & more

  • Protein library

    ~200 Pre-validated assays

  • Readout

    pg/mL Or NPX relative units

  • Combinability

    99% Industry-leading

  • Runs on

    Signature Q100

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Expert designs tailored to your research needs

Olink Flex offers a selection of ~21-plex pre-designed protein biomarker panels spanning a wide range of research areas, designed by or in collaboration with experts in the field. You can customize the biomarker content further by mixing and matching from the entire Flex library.

Browse the Olink Flex library

The Olink Flex library offers a selection of ~200 pre-validated protein biomarkers. It allows for precise, mix-and-match combinations tailored to your research needs, ensuring high data quality and robust performance with absolute quantification.

Ensuring quality with flexibility

Olink’s unique PEA technology and commitment to rigorous validation overcome the conventional limitations of customizable panels, which may require compromises on performance and data quality. You can combine your assays of choice into one kit from the full library with 99% combinability, with full confidence that your panel will perform with high quality.

Create, manage, and customize

Build your own biomarker panel from the Olink Flex library. Alternatively, select one of our carefully pre-designed panels and modify if needed. Get started in Olink Insight.

Elevate your immunoassay experience

Beyond the Olink panel lies a wide range of free tools for study design, statistical analysis, data visualization and quality control. There’s also continuous support from our data science experts and customer service teams. We’re proud to be active partners to thousands of researchers, from small lab teams to major institutions and consortia.

Working with Olink Flex

The Olink platform was built in close collaboration with the scientific community, and the tools and services we prioritize are the ones our customers ask for. This close relationship drives proteomics forward.

With its ability to provide precise concentrations of various cytokines in both inflamed and healthy skin, Olink Flex was instrumental in distinguishing between different inflammatory skin conditions. Moreover, while using minimal volumes of skin interstitial fluid, Olink Flex has demonstrated its capability to detect cytokines such as type I Interferons, which are challenging to identify through our next-generation sequencing data.
Dr. Khashayar Afshari
, Department of Dermatology, UMASS


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Ensuring quality with flexibility- Olink® Flex validation & verification
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Validation Methods And Results
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Multiple analysis of inflammatory proteins: a comparative study across multiple platforms
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A flexible platform that accelerates your research

Olink’s scalable technology provides optimized solutions for every stage of the biomarker workflow, from high-throughput discovery through validation and clinical utility.

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5,400+ With proven specificity


2 µL Plasma, serum & more

Olink Flex

Run individually tailored studies by combining up to 21 biomarkers from our extensive library with minimal sample volume.


~200 Pre-validated assays


1 µL Plasma, serum & more

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