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What are the requirements for Focus panel development?
What is the lead time for Focus panel development?
What is the minimum and maximum number of assays in Focus panel?
I have more than 21 assays that I would like to include in Focus panel development. How can you help me?
Is it possible to develop Focus panel as diagnostic tool for clinical use?
How many high abundant proteins (requiring prior dilution) can I include in my Focus panel?
Has cross-reactivity with other species been tested for Target 48 Mouse Cytokine?
What matrices have been tested with Target 48 Mouse Cytokine?
Do you have panels towards other species, e.g. mouse?
What is the composition of the plasma free Calibrator in Target 48 Mouse Cytokine?
What is the concentration of antigens in the plasma free calibrator in Target 48 Mouse Cytokine?
Are there any biomarkers that are detected by both Target 48 Mouse Cytokine and Target 96 Mouse Exploratory?

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