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What is PEA?

Olink’s Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology uniquely combines specificity and scalability to enable high-throughput, multiplex protein biomarker analysis. Use minimal volumes of almost any biological sample without compromising data quality or assay robustness. Meet the next-generation proteomics platform trusted by both academic researchers and leading pharma companies alike.

Proximity Extension Assay offers quality and versatility from discovery to clinical signature development, illustrated by multiple success stories.


99.5% of our 5,400+ protein biomarkers display no cross-reactivity. That means no wrong targets, no misinterpretation, and no wasted time or money. A strong readout signal with exceptional specificity is achieved for each protein assay through the dual recognition, DNA-coupled format of PEA, enabling robust performance regardless of the degree of multiplexing.


The robustness and consistency of PEA has been thoroughly analyzed in a concordance study comparing the same samples across all Olink products and readout platforms. Remarkably high correlations are seen for the same protein measured using different panels, from high-throughput proteomics with Olink Explore HT to cytokine analysis with Olink Target 48.


PEA allows you to measure thousands of proteins simultaneously or zoom in on your selected biomarkers of interest. That means everything from discovery to clinical utility can happen on the same platform—with no compromise in performance. So whichever direction your research takes you, you have the tools you need.

Biomarker discovery to clinical utility

PEA’s unique scalability supports you through all stages of the protein biomarker research pipeline by enabling a seamless transition from large-scale discovery to developing and validating protein signatures with clinical utility.

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Accelerate your protein biomarker research and shorten the time to discovery. Our streamlined workflows, bespoke data analysis software, and extensive quality control allow you to derive actionable insights from trusted data—so your research can go further and faster.


How PEA works

PEA technology merges an antibody-based immunoassay with the powerful properties of polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This provides a scalable multiplex protein biomarker platform with exceptional specificity and sensitivity while using minimal sample volumes.

How PEA is used

Olink is one of the world’s most trusted next-generation proteomics platforms. Our technology uncovers the truth of real-time biology, empowering innovative startups, small research labs, and leading institutions and pharma companies.

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